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OMG! thank you thank you thank you for making literally, the BEST vegan ice cream out there. I love that it doesn’t have a whole bunch of processed crap, and yet still taste better than any other ice cream, vegan or not, out there. I’ve tried all of your different types of ice cream and its always love in a pint.

Chelsea Rexrode

I mean, a good classic gelato is a good classic gelato. I’m not going to argue that. But, THIS! This is just pure heaven. Dios Mio, you have slammed it out of the park with these creations. It’s dense, it’s pure, it’s spiced perfection…And you better bet I’m coming back for more :) Thank you Barry & Alexis at W.F. in San Rafael…you made. my. day. with this…and your enthusiasm was contagious :) Create on!!

Christina Vincent

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