Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Genuto so expensive?
We use over two pounds of nuts (organic cashews, organic almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts) to make each gallon of Genuto. This is a heart healthy replacement for the traditional gelato base of eggs and cream.

Why is soy listed as an allergen but not an ingredient?
There is no soy in Genuto. It is listed as an allergen because our probiotic is grown on a soy medium.

Is the probiotic BC30 a GMO?
Our probiotic is certified non-GMO and kosher.

Is Genuto gluten free?
Yes, Genuto is 100% gluten free.

Is Genuto vegan?
Yes, Genuto is 100% vegan.

Where is Genuto available?
Currently, Genuto is available only in Northern California. Here is a list of where to find it.

Do you ship Genuto?
No, not at this time.

Why do you use organic cane sugar instead of agave or sugar substitutes?
This is because we use no gums or stabilizers. Sugar not only provides sweetness, but is also necessary to promote the creamy texture of Genuto.