About Us

When designing the lavish feasts he prepared monthly at an exclusive club, vegan gourmet chef Barry Schenker would wander the streets of Berkeley’s world famous “Gourmet Ghetto”, where the menus of its innovative international restaurants inspired him to create luscious vegan versions of their fare. Rich house made ice creams served at the legendary birthplace of California Cuisine, Chez Panisse, gave Barry a bold new goal.

Knowing that tens of millions of food-lovers worldwide are vegan, lactose intolerant and opposed to the practices of the farmed animal industry, he set out to create not merely a luxurious egg and dairy free frozen dessert, but a luxurious frozen dessert whose taste, texture and quality rivaled those of all world-class frozen desserts, vegan or not. The result is Genuto.

Experimenting with spices and seasonal farmers’-market produce in his own kitchen, Barry drew on his expertise as a chef and world traveler trained in international cuisines. Refusing to use any of the gums, stabilizers, fillers and artificial ingredients found in nearly all frozen desserts, he set about choosing the key component that would form the very foundation of his creation. He wanted this ingredient to be natural, nutritious, heart-healthy, honest, pure, and luscious in its own right — and he found his answer literally growing on trees.

Instead of soy, rice, coconut or other ubiquitous dairy substitutes, Genuto is based entirely on nuts.

Enlisting the expertise of his physician wife Diana Rebman, Barry partnered with Ganeden Labs, a leading biotech company,to develop Genuto’s probiotic nut emulsion blend, which forms the basis for all of its unique products.

Cholesterol-free, antioxidant-rich and low in saturated fats, tree nuts such as cashews, pistachios and almonds are substantial nutritional powerhouses. Exciting new studies applaud the glowing health benefits of eating nuts — which is why each serving of Genuto contains a full ounce of them. Crafting Genuto in small batches with as many nuts as possible maximizes its nutritional punch and its unbelievably creamy texture.

Made without eggs, dairy, or pumped-in air, Genuto is as dense and intense as classic Italian gelato — yet it’s heart-healthy and resplendantly vegan. No gums, chemical stabilizers or artificial ingredients mar Genuto’s integrity. Genuto is honest — and honestly good.